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Rooms and Suites

The rooms and suites at Masseria Palombara offer relaxation, refined comfort, and understated elegance with private spaces and intimate atmospheres typical of a private residence. The accommodations are divided into two distinct areas.


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The Masseria, for those who wish to experience the charm of history. Here, everything has been renovated by the hands of expert artisans. Every detail is handmade, with a minimalistic design that perfectly complements the view of the lush surrounding countryside. All rooms feature traditional vaulted tufa ceilings, and some have stone fireplaces.

The Colonica, for those who want to immerse themselves in nature and seek a deeper sense of tranquility. Built in the late '60s, these are finely restored and set amidst luxuriant vegetation. The white cottages with minimalist architecture feature pergolas and communal green spaces.


Good to know

All rooms come with bicycles, Wi-Fi, and a minibar. Parking is available within the property. The Masseria and Colonica are a five-minute walk or a one-minute bike ride from each other. To ensure peace and relaxation, we do not have TVs, do not accommodate children, and pets require prior arrangement with the reception. The reception, the restaurant, and the SPA are located in the historical part of the Masseria.

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